PRS Foundation
We believe it is everyone’ s responsibility, in their own interests and for the long term good of humanity, to lead by example. Further to this, the PRS Foundation was set up to act as a catalyst for good in providing opportunities and change for good.

Our emphasis this year is to engage with the relevant organizations to highlight the harm that female genital mutilation causes.

In addition we actively seeking out more female and male management potential to join PRS. To achieve this we will invest in the personal development of the individual by funding any additional training required.


Volunteerism & Charitable Giving 

PRS not only creates jobs for the local people in the markets in which it operates, it builds communities and improve lives.

PRS believes in “leaving a footprint” in the markets it serves.  PRS’ management team has been involved in a variety of community-development projects in such markets, including Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school, a complex which opened its new indoor sports facility and skate park on October 29th 2009, designed by Skateistan and the Afghan Olympic committee.  The facility is celebrated as a haven for Afghan boys and girls alike, and is a welcome addition to the community providing; recreation, fellowship and mentoring.

In April 2020 large areas of the Horn of Africa suffered from heavy rains and floods which killed over 50 people, wiped out livestock and destroyed hundreds of farms.

In response PRS donated a much needed financial assistance and resources to assist the the worst affected local communities.

Physical Risk Solutions is not just a passer-by in its markets. Our people live here, and will continue to do so.  We  believe that in post-conflict environments, our model must not only reflect economic realities, but also the importance of community development in achieving the long-range mission of a self-sufficient and prosperous nation.