PRS management has a firm and intimate understanding of the region’s security threat profile, as well as decades of experience working with international organizations, both public and commercial, in challenging environments.  Combined with its recent partnership with Dubai-based Critical Operations Group, PRS is well positioned to maintain and expand its services in East Africa.


Mr. Richard Wilson is a co-founder of COG. Mr. Wilson has served as the Chief Executive Officer of ACCL International for 3 years, prior to which he was Chief Operating Officer of that company. Previously, Mr. Wilson was Vice President for RA International, a provider of construction and life support services in Africa and the Middle East, and whose Afghanistan operations ACCL acquired in 2012.

Mr. Wilson also completed a successful and accomplished career in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer in 2008, after 30 years of service. Notably he served as the Liaison Officer for Souda Bay, Crete where he was responsible in Southern Europe for engineering, logistical and operational support to NATO ships operating in the eastern Mediterranean.

In 2003 he was re-appointed to the UK’s then Flag Ship HMS Illustrious, where he served as the Marine Engineering Department Coordinator, responsible for the complete set up of departmental management structures and implementing the training of crew prior and during formal assessment periods. Mr. Wilson is based in Dubai and makes his home in the United Kingdom


Born and bred in Somaliland, Mr. Farah is the founder of a well-established and successful security and logistics company based in Hargeisa.  He is passionate about his native land and is eager to invest in the development of Somaliland.

Mr. Farah brings with him over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience throughout the Horn of Africa including financial management, economics, and regional security support services.

Mr. Farah is based in Somaliland.


Mohammed Yonis is a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. He was Minister for Foreign Affairs for Somaliland from 2013 to 2015 and is a seasoned diplomat with over 40 years experience in international development and conflict management. He is a former Director and Adviser to the President of the African Development Bank and, from 2009 to 2013, he worked as Deputy Joint Special Representative of UNAMID in Darfur, coordinating efforts between the UN, the African Union and the Government of Sudan. Amongst other roles, it was his responsibility to conduct hostage negotiations.

Mr. Yonis was the Foreign Minister of Somaliland for over two years until October 2015. While in that capacity, he co-hosted the first Investment Conference for Somaliland with the UK Government in London; led a high-level delegation to the first Somaliland Conference at the European Union Parliament in Brussels in January 2015; and participated as an observer at the African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings in May 2015.

Mr. Yonis holds an MPA from Harvard University where he was a Mason Fellow, and a BA in Political Science and Business Management from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He also holds diplomas in conflict resolution and in education obtained in Canada, Somalia and Germany. He is an expert on public policy, particularly, in relation to governance, management and peace building in Africa. He speaks fluent English and Arabic.


Theo’s security management experience spans 20 years of which more than eight years have been in hostile environments working in Iraq and Afghanistan as Security and Operations Manager, Intel Manager and Project Manager; Five years of experience as Owner and Manager of a Private Enterprise; Twenty years of military experience. Retired from the South African National Defense Force (SA Intelligence Corps) with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; Excellent Administrative, Liaison and Presentation Skills; Vast experience in the designing of Concepts of Operations and Standard Operational Procedures, Risk Mitigation, Operational Planning and Operational Staff Procedures.

Theo Joined PRS, as Guard Force Manager of our armed and unarmed guarding services to existing clients in Puntland, in September 2015.

Core competence: Entire spectrum of security project management, Security operations management, guard force management, client liaison and functional physical security training management.


Mr. Sargon Heinrich is the co-founder of COG. Mr. Heinrich was a co-founder of Kabul and Dubai-based ACCL International, a leading provider of Construction, Life Support Services, Satellite/IT services, and Procurement/Warehousing to government, NGO and commercial entities in Afghanistan.

Mr. Heinrich served ACCL as Executive Vice President from its inception in 2003 until recently, and he remains an equity partner in that company. Prior to co-founding ACCL, Mr. Heinrich served as President and Principal of several companies he founded and eventually sold, the most recent being Monolith Interactive Solutions, which was purchased by internet logistics provider iLink Global in 2000.

Previously, Mr. Heinrich spent thirteen years with Bechtel Corporation leading domestic and international project management, public relations, project finance, and business development activities. These experiences culminated in his coordination and management role in the extinguishing of Kuwait oil fires after Operation Desert Storm in 1991-1993. Mr. Heinrich is based in Dubai.


Mr. Paul Stukel is a co-founder of COG. Mr. Stukel has acted in various roles to ACCL International since its inception in 2003, including Acting Chief Financial Officer and, most recently, Senior Advisor.Mr. Stukel is also the founder of Nexxus Publishing LLC, a Chicago-based, multi-faceted corporation that integrates media, marketing and online retailing, and which is a portfolio company of COG. Mr. Stukel was previously the Co-Founder and President of iLink Global, a Chicago-based provider of internet-based transportation management systems and on-line logistics services, which was ultimately sold to a publicly-traded company in late 2000.

Prior to iLink, Mr. Stukel was the Senior Director for Strategic Assessment for The HAVI Group, an Illinois-based $4.0 billion logistics, manufacturing and marketing company. Prior to his work for HAVI, Mr. Stukel spent approximately 10 years at PriceWaterhouse (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in both Chicago and London. Mr. Stukel received his CPA certification in 1989. Mr. Stukel is based in Chicago, Illinois.