About Us

Physical Risk Solutions (PRS) is a East Africa-based international security protection services company that offers a range of specialist guarding and security program management, security system design and implementation services.

PRS was founded and registered in May 2009, making it the first ever Somaliland security service provider that aspires to international standards. Consistent service delivery and customer satisfaction paved the way to growing the PRS brand to a registered security service provider in Puntland, State of Somalia in 2012, a proud milestone. The PRS internal systems and procedures are fully aligned with internationally recognized quality management systems. This demonstrates our commitment to render superior risk management and loss prevention services to all our customers.

A Brief Timeline

Vision & Mission

We  are international security protection services company that offers a range of specialist guarding and security program design and management services to our impressive customer base who range from the European Commission, DANIDA, Most United Nations Agencies and prominent International Non-Governmental Organisations.

Our Vision

Be the benchmark in East Africa in the provision of innovative and integrated security solutions with a clear commitment to healthy traditional values.

Our Mission

We are committed to optimize our value offering by:

- Providing personalized cost effective solutions to our customers, putting them first!

- Providing world-class, unmatched, innovative and professionally managed security services

- Demonstrating consistent growth, stability and acceptable financial returns

- Employing competent and committed personnel, investing in their continued personal development -We value our people as our most important asset

Our Story

We proudly build our brand’s reputation in the market place by tapping in to our inherent expertise, our most important asset (our people) and exceeding customer expectations. PRS aspires to continuously lead the market by example with service levels second to none.

The company’s founding stems from a dire need identified among companies and organizations for professional security services across greater East Africa.

Through our proud association with Physical Risk, a leading security management consultant and implementation specialist company with more than 15 years of successful engagements in the security industry, we are ideally geared to deliver a holistic security service to the market.

Management’s objective is to develop the PRS “Brand” into the most effective, international, outsourced security service provider in the East Africa region. We aim to offer an innovative and differentiated security service to the market at an affordable price. We have a firm and intimate understanding of the region's security threat profile and to shape our purpose-suited services to the needs of international organizations and local companies operating in this environment.

- We strive toward a customer focused mind-set within PR
- We are committed to establish our company as the leading security provider across East Africa region by offering a professional service to a diverse client base by tapping into the wealth of knowledge  and experience acquired through international experts and in association with Physical Risk
- The Provision and integration of cutting-edge security technology with which we intend to significantly mitigate the existing threats associated with terror, crime prevention, compound security and commercial loss prevention
- Our diversified services include armed guarding, secure transportation, close protection and secure accommodation
- Our capacity to adjust to the rapid escalation from acceptable to elevated hostile threat levels.
- We have achieved tremendous knowledge of Somali culture; the diversity of the Somali community system and integrated with local community in our operating area
- We foster healthy relations with regional government in our areas of operation and observe labour law compliance with our 700+ employees.

Our Team

Wayne has extensive knowledge of physical security management and defense since 1981.  Wayne has assisted clients across a wide spectrum industries as a security management consultant in more than 20 countries across Africa and Asia.  Prior to PRS Wayne served as military practitioner (Lieutenant Colonel), specializing in guerrilla -, counterinsurgency –, urban warfare and peacekeeping operations for 15 years.  Wayne holds a Strategic Management Certificate for Military Practitioners, UNISA 1991 - 1993

He brings a unique, pragmatic perspective to security challenges that comes from a lifetime spent mitigating security risks, while living and working in-country for and on behalf of client organizations.

Wayne’s core competencies and experience include:

1. Physical, Political and Crisis Risk Management.
2. Fraud Risk Management & Examination.
3. Formulation of emergency – and critical incident protocols.
4. Security project management for major greenfield projects.
5. Security guarding management.
6. Business development and management
7. Leadership

Jimaale has worked with various companies in the past including Soltelco, Qaran, Somtel and other own businesses.  He holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Hargeisa.

Jimaale is proficient in operations management, business development and implementation of the companies security operations.  Jimaale’s expertise includes financial management, negotiations and strategic management.

His core competence areas 1) Financial management, 2) Business development 3) & Operations management

Theo’s security management experience spans 20 years of which more than eight years have been in hostile environments working in Iraq and Afghanistan as Security and Operations Manager, Intel Manager and Project Manager; Five years of experience as Owner and Manager of a Private Enterprise; Twenty years of military experience. Retired from the South African National Defense Force (SA Intelligence Corps) with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; Excellent Administrative, Liaison and Presentation Skills; Vast experience in the designing of Concepts of Operations and Stan-dard Operational Procedures, Risk Mitigation, Operational Planning and Operational Staff Procedures.

Theo Joined PRS, as Guard Force Manager of our armed and unarmed guarding services to existing clients in Puntland, in September 2015.

Core competence: Entire spectrum of security project management, Security operations management, guard force management, client liaison and functional physical security training management.